Does your taste in music match with your favorite person?
It should be a lot easier to get closer if you have more in common!ChuChu Tune is an app that will test the chemistry between 2 iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) users by matching their taste in music on iTunes.

download the app on both terminal.
(*It can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Tap "Play" buttons on both apps.

You just have to make 2 displays face
each other as if they are kissing.
Keep your heart beating to
your favorite tune while waiting ...

You'll find out the results!
Share the results with your friends!
[ Karaoke at a Bar! ]
Have more fun when you're at Karaoke with friends! You can sing the matched songs together and have a blast!
[ To get closer to your favorite! ]
What if your taste in music is the same as your favorite person? It will give you a chance to get closer to them!
[ At a party! ]
It's a good chance to touch hands while pressing the iPhone displays together! If the results are good, there might be a chance to start dating!!!
[ Find out if you like
the same music as your friend! ]
Find out if you like the same music as your friend! You might discover a different side to your friend!!
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